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How EPO-Boost works for me (User since Sept, 2011)

“I am a competitive endurance athlete and was experiencing a challenge with my breathing. I was looking for a supplement that could help me and discovered an amazing product called EPO-BOOST. It said that it could help with your oxygen intake and improve VO2 max capacity. With EPO BOOST I found that my breathing problem disappeared and that I could run faster for longer periods of time. My breathing is regular now due to sufficient oxygen, after almost two weeks of using EPO BOOST. I have already seen an improvement in my endurance and performance. My running times have improved and the product has definitely made me feel that I could continue at the end of the race. My recovery in between speed sessions and races was also quicker. Generally speaking, my speed and endurance was enhanced through this amazing product. I just wish that I had known about EPO-BOOST years ago. I believe with EPO-BOOST that I can reach a much higher performance level.”* Ursula Frans, South Africa

*Individual Results May Vary