Former Pro Triathlete, Endurance Sports Coach

Competitive Highlights

2012, The Ultimate One Day Race – The Total 200, 215-miler, 3rd Overall
2011, Broke the Pennsylvania Cycling Across the State Record, 400 miles, 32,000 feet of climbing, 25 hours

Professional Certifications:

Certifications as a USA Cycling Coach, Endurance Sports Trainer, Personal Trainer, and Strength & Conditioning Specialist.

Update 2013

I love your products, which have been instrumental in me achieving major breakthroughs such as breaking the Pennsylvania State Crossing Record, 3rd in a 215mile race (of all ages), and 600 miles and 40,000 ft of climbing through Death Valley in 5 days… And BTW, I turn 50 in another month. Your products are a major contributor to my successes and recovery between training and racing. Coach Todd Parker

How VO2-Boost works for me (User since October 2010)

I recently completed the Pennsylvania Crossing Ride, which totaled 400 miles and 32,000+ feet of climbing, completed in 25 hours. I chose to make this a new charity ride (PA Ride for Kids), raising money for children needing facial reconstructive surgery, which 100% goes directly into The Beyond Face Fund.
This ride was extremely physically and mentally challenging; an event that ended up being historical, and pushed me to the limits of my abilities. In nearly 24 hours, we rode and climbed similarly comparable to 3 days of the Tour de France.

Besides water, I exclusively used TriFuel® to help maintain my hydration, blood sugar, muscular endurance, focus, amino acids, and electrolytes. I also used VO2Boost for the 2 months leading up to the ride. Unequivocally, TriFuel® and VO2Boost played a critical role in the success of this monumental event, and I am extremely thankful that your products work.

Todd Parker, Former Pro Triathlete, Exercise Physiologist, Endurance Sports Coach, Strength Coach, Personal Trainer, Author, Public Speaker