Tanya Houghton

Competitive Highlights

2014 1st place AG Xterra Southeast Championship, AL.
2014 1st place overall female Xterra Myrtle Beach
2014 2nd AG IRONMAN 70.3 Florida

Professional Certifications:USA Triathlon (USAT) Certified Level 1 coach
USA Cycling (USAC) Certified Level 3 coach
US Track and Field (USATF) Certified Level 1 coach

How EPO-Boost  & TriFuel® works for me (User since August 24, 2010)

UPDATED APRIL 2014- “I started racing triathlons in 2008. As with any new athlete, there is a learning process that goes with learning a new sport, part of this process is your fueling. As the races get longer in distance, this process gets more difficult. I went through a year of bad choices. Things that may have worked for one race, but to only bomb on the next, or that would work in training, but in a race when you are pushing yourself to all extreme….the fueling fails. I experienced everything from stomach and leg cramps to headaches, GI distress to just plain bonking….running out of energy. I started using TriFuel in 2010, 1 month before the biggest race of my life….Ironman World Championships. I took a chance and not only tried 1 product, but 2. I combined the EPO Boost and Trifuel into my training for just about a month before I used it on my race. I placed top 10 in my age group at one of the biggest and most sought after races in the world.

After this experience of racing my best with not one issue on the course…..I never went back to anything else. I continue to see success in my training. I experience tremendous energy bursts toward the end of 100 mile bike training rides and run my fastest splits at the end of my long run training. This doesn’t happen with just any fuel. Trifuel is unique in that it is a pre, during and post workout fuel. It sets you up for a great training/race day, carries you to places you never thought possible, and prepares you for your next workout. There is nothing like this on the market. Today 4 years later, I am not only a double “All American” in 2 disciplines Road and Off Road Triathlons, but I am a USAT, USAC II and USATF certified coach that recommends this product to my athletes with great success. This fuel is part of their training plan….and it works!”*

Tanya Houghton, NC

2013 1st Overall Xterra Charlottesville
2013 1st Overall Blue Ridge Brutal 100 Bike Race
2013 1st Overall White Lake Half Iron
2013 1st Overall White Lake Half Iron
2013 2nd Place Ironman St Croix
2013 2nd Place Xterra Southeast Regional Championship
2013 1st Overall Bandits Challenge Triathlon
2013 1st Overall Xterra Whitewater

2012 1st Overall Xterra Hickory Knob
2012 1st Overall White Lake Half Iron
2012 1st Overall Xterra Tsali
2012 1st Place Ironman Augusta, 2nd Overall AG
2012 Xterra Regional Champion
2012 All American with Honors

2011 7th place in the USAT
2011 2nd Ironman Texas (Age) 5th Overall
2011 1st Ironman Muncie (Age) 5th Overall
2011 2nd overall in the Inside-Out Sports North Carolina Triathlon Series
2010 8th Place Ironman World Championships Kona, Hawaii.
2010 1st Open Masters title for the Inside/Out Sports North Carolina Triathlon Series
2010 3rd Place Ironman World Championship Clearwater FL


*Individual Results May Vary