Robin Allen-Burke


How EPO-Boost works for me (User since April, 2011)

“TriFuel® rocks!! I have place podium in my last 6 winter races so far this year and I cannot thank you and TriFuel® enough! Bring on St.Croix on May 5th in attempt for that golden Kona slot!!!

I cannot say enough GREAT words about TRIFUEL AND EPO BOOST! 1st and foremost. I have been waiting to give a recap of my training/racing season because its not over yet. This is it so far, St.Croix half iron- 6th age grp, Fairlee trifest olympic-2nd age grp, half marathon in Maine 2nd age grp, Timberman halfiron-11th agegrp stacked field, Lobsterman olympic- sept 14  I have felt very strong after taking a year and a half off from triathlon, actually stronger than ever because of my ace nutrition!! I am already planning a full triathlon season for next year including a full Ironman again  I LOVE TriFuel® and Epo boost and so does my body!!


I am an endurance athlete and have been using TriFuel® and EPO Boost for almost two years and will keep using both products for the length of my training and racing career. I noticed an increase in performance within a month of taking both TriFuel® and EPO Boost. Not only did they help sustain peak performance while training or racing, but also my recovery is fantastic! I am able to train intensly or race within a short amount of time from the previous intense workout without soreness or feeing tied.
I’m a competitive age group athlete always in hopes for a podium finish, since TriFuel® and EPO Boost, I have been placing top 3 in my age group at almost all my races which include trail running, all distance triathlon, marathon running and cycling. Both products are helping e reach my goals as a competitive athlete.
I truly believe in these products. I have recommended them to many other athletes and they too have had increased energy and performance. If you want positive results, I highly recommend adding TriFuel® and EPO Boost to your nutrition regimen.*

Believe in your body and passion for fitness,

Robin Allen Burke
Acidotic Racing Team

*Individual Results May Vary