Mission Summit

By April 6, 2016high altitude

Follow team Mission Summit on the journey that will place them high above the cities of the world. A journey that will take us to far off places, and attempt to climb the 7 Tallest volcanoes of the world!

Mission Summit mission is to help fund the fight against cancer and represent a passion for the outdoors combined with a chance to give back.

Mt Rainier

“We just got back from our latest trip and climb on Mt Rainier in Washington. Again the product leading up to the climb and while on the climb was perfect. We added our newest team member to our rope team JP Tabor, and he has had a real bad run with altitude sickness. we shipped him down product and had him going for 4 weeks with the EPO boost, Altitude RX and the Tri-fuel. He had no elevation problems at all!

On this trip there was loss of life with one of the climbers we were with. His name was Arvin. he and his climbing partner we caught out in a blizzard coming off the summit and he died from hypothermia and frostbite. We were able to save his climbing partner Monique Richard, and another climber named Mike Salk. We used the Invigor8 and the Tri fuel to help aid in their recovery process as we helped them through the struggle through out the day after the rescue. We are happy to report that both survived.

Thank you for everything you all do and we cannot do this without you all! We will be dedicating our next climb in honor of Arvin! Articles are up if you search Mt Rainier about what happened. What we do is very dangerous, and we understand that this will happen. But we as team Mission Summit will continue to climb and push ourselves to climb higher and farther!”*

*Individual Results May Vary