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How EPO-Boost works for me (User since January, 2011)

Update 2013

I have been using Epo-Boost for 3 full years now and every since I started taking your product  my race times have improved.  2013 was the best year yet, at age 55 typically times would start to drop off a bit, but mine have not been dropping.  Prior to 2013 I had competed in 3 full iron distance races over the course of 6 years.  2013 I competed in 3 full Ironman races.  Ironman Texas in May, Kona in October and Arizona in November.  I improved my PR by 90 minutes in Arizona.  I also set a new PR in my half iron time at Buffalo springs 70.3  which is not consider to be an easy race.


At 54 years old, and had my fastest race! Typically you would see a slow down after the age of 50. With a wet suit I swim about a 28 minute swim and without a wet suit I swim about a 36. I swam a 30 min. that is 6 min faster. I think EPOBoost is giving me a boost. I drink TriFuel® on the bike amd it’s working for me.

I got 7th place out of 66 in my age group.

Also I did the pills for altitude in St George Utah Ironman they seemed to work well under the circumstances! I will attach a story I wrote for you might get a kick out of it.

I have a half Iron coming up June 24th Buffalo springs 70.3 in Lubbock Texas, I expect and have high hopes of setting a personal best at that Course. Also I have done that race about 6 or seven years now. I will report back after the race.