Josh Estes

By May 4, 2015cyclists

Category 1 Cyclist
Dallas Racing/Park Place Cycling Team
Hometown: Fayetteville, Arkansas
Age: 24
Racing Since: June 2009

Competitive Highlights

2014 Results :
Pro1/2 Tour of New Braunfeuls Road Race 16th
Pro1/2 Cedar Hill Road Race 8th
Pro1/2 Hells Kitchen Road Race 5th
Pro1/2 Eucha Classic Road Race 6th
Cat1/2 Avoca Road Race 2nd
P12 Gary Glickman Texas State Championship Criterium 10th
Cat1/2 Arkansas State Championship Criterium 10th

2013 Results :
Bicycle X-Change Criterium P12 4th
Tour of Kansas City P12 4th
Crosswinds Classic Road Race P12 7th
Salt and Tall Road Race P12 7th
Crawdad Kermesse Circuit P12 7th
Coleman Chevrolet Stage 1 P12 7th
Coleman Chevrolet Overall GC P12 8th

2012 Results :
Crosswinds Classic Road Race P12 6th
Salty and Tall Criterium P12 7th
Salty and Tall Road Race P12 6th
NWA Spring Classic Road Race P12 9th
Dutchtown Classic Criterium P12 9th
Sand Spring’s Criterium P12 7th
State Line Road Race P12 4th
Great Egyptian Road Race P12 4th

2011 Results :
Kansas State Criterium P12 7th
Kansas State Road Race P12 5th
The Eurekan Road Race P12 1st
Har-Ber Meadows Criterium P12 3rd

Why I Choose TriFuel®:
As athletes we have many options when it comes to sports hydration and nutrition. I’ve tried a variety of brands since I started riding in 2009 and I had mixed success. Fortunately, in 2012, I was introduced to TriFuel® by another racer and haven’t looked back since. The first time I used TriFuel® I prehydrated and got the engine going an hour before the event, a Pro-Am criterium in St. Louis, MO. I took another bottle with me during the race. I couldn’t believe how strong yet relaxed I felt throughout the race and moreover after the race I still felt strong-no post race exhaustion.

I really appreciate the quality and consistency of TriFuel®. Its enjoyable flavoring is easy on my stomach, even in 100+ degree heat, which is something I haven’t found in other drinks. Moreover, its formula and ingredients are always BSCG certified for peace of mind.

How V02-Boost and TriFuel® works for me (User since Sept 2011)

I remember the first time I used TriFuel®. I had recently upgraded to Category 2 and was about to race the Pro12 Giro Della Montagna course at a large race called the Gateway Cup in St. Louis, MO.  The race field was stacked with talent and the course, known as “The Hill” was challenging to say the least.  What was shocking was that after the race I felt like I could have done it all over again.  I felt great!