Joe Barr

By April 8, 2015cyclists

UMCA – Irish 12hr – 1st overall
New UMCA National Record, Malin Head to Mizen Head to Malin Head – New Record – 49hours.
UMCA World Cup -Le Mans 24hr – 14th Overall
UMCA World Cup -NCOM 1000 Texas – 1st overall
2014 RAAM Solo Finisher 2ND Place Cat./11th Overall
2013 Race Across Italy 4th Place
2009 Race Around Ireland, 1st Place 1350 miles, 75,500 feet of climbing 4d 12h 12m (Course Record)
1986 Commonwealth Games Bronze Medalist
1993 – Set north/south crossing record of Ireland record, Malin to Mizen, 19h 3m, 380 miles

“I am very privileged to have the support of a forward thinking company like BRL Sports. The team at BRL unique attention to product formulation and the continued R/D to enhance the functionality on the feedback from the ambassadors who push the limits of demand in each competitive event they participate.  This knowledge is then filtered to everyone who chooses to use TriFuel , EPO-Boost, Invigor8, and AltitudeRx as their choice of nutritional supplementation related to their sport.

I have been an ambassador for BRL Sports since 2012 where I was preparing for my first RAAM, since then I have been top 5 in World Ultra Marathon races which I have competed. I have just completed RAAM and previous to that finished 3rd in a World 12 hour event completely on TriFuel alone, no solid food. I have also increased both my VO2max and Hematocrit levels from a lifetime 43 to 47 with the use of EPO-Boost and AltitudeRX.

I have found the an all around training and competition nutritional solution in TriFuel which we all as sports people strive. TriFuel is easy to use on a long term basis pre and post efforts. In events of long duration which are multiple days like RAAM it never becomes difficult to keep ingesting…, no nasty stomach problems, bloating or discomfort.

The key is to ensure that your intake is adequate per hour of your event based on your personal body mass profile. I measure calorie output per hour based on our event (mph/km ) schedule, including exterior temp, this is then balanced with the correct ml of fluid intake per hour based on the individual body mass profile.

With the new TriFuel electrolyte count, having a personal sweat test to establish your individual sweat type and count per litre of fluid loss will allow you to gain most from the product.

In short the best supplementation package on the planet today. TriFuel, EPO Boost, Invigor8, and AltitudeRX to fuel all of my future events.”*

Joe Barr

*Individual Results May Very