The manufacture of Biomedical Research Laboratories products is GMP Certified.  Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) program is he industry’s standard of assurance for the purest ingredients in the proper concentrations.

GMP standards were developed in order to provide assurance for you, the consumer, that all processes involved in the manufacture of our products are sufficiently controlled so that each product meets its advertised quality.

The GMP program includes third-party inspections of member suppliers and comprehensive audits in the areas of personnel, plant and grounds, sanitation, equipment, quality operations, production and process controls, warehouse, distribution, and post-distribution practices.

Display of the GMP mark demonstrate to retailers, consumers and the public-at-large that products have been manufactured using good manufacturing practices and bring a means of self-assessment to the dietary supplement

Our U.S. manufacturing facility’s (in the United States) GMP Certification gives you peace of mind, knowing that every bottle of EPO-BOOST® is manufactured using the highest quality production standards.