Endurance Requirements

Endurance is the measure of your body’s ability to keep up an activity without getting tired. In many sports it refers to an athlete’s ability to sustain prolonged exercise for minutes, hours, or even days. The more endurance you have, the longer you can run, swim, bike, run, fight and play a sport before tiring out.

Endurance requires the circulatory (heart) and respiratory systems (lungs) to supply energy to the working muscles in order to support sustained physical activity.

When muscles are worked non-stop for a period of time, they need more oxygen to be at their best. Your level of endurance refers to how well your heart and lungs can pump oxygen-rich blood to your muscles. The more oxygen, the better your muscles work and the less tired you get.

Many athletes look for different ways to improve endurance through training systems, high altitude training, nutritional supplementation and hard work.

Measuring VO2 Max had been one way to measure the improvement in endurance. One can do this in a clinical setting or in the field. You can learn more about VO2 max testing and clinical studies demonstrating improvement in endurance and running economy with key ingredients in sports supplement EPO-Boost®.