Dustin Beller

Triathlon, Running, Open Water Swimming, Cycling, Lifeguarding

Competitive Highlights

1st Place Overall Patriot Triathlon-Sprint
5th Place Overall Beaches Fines Arts Series Triathlon Sprint
3rd Place Age Group, 27th Overall Run for the Pies 5k (1500+ competitors)   2nd overall, 1st collegiate Battle of the Bridges
5th Collegiate at both Club Med 2575
5th Collegiate Clermont Draft-Legal Challenge
6th overall in Collegiate Omnium 2012-2013

How BRL Sports supplements works for me (User since January 2013)

“Having been on EPO Boost and TriFuel® for over a month, I feel more energized in my training. I focus better and get more out of my sessions with the TriFuel®. EPO boost helps me recover better in the downtime between hard workouts. With these tools in my arsenal, I’ve been able to handle a demanding race schedule that has sunk me in the past and instead come out with lifetime best results: my first overall win and 5th overall in an incredibly fast race 6 days apart. This stuff works!”*


*Individual Results May Vary