Colin Abbott

Cross Country Skier, Elite Yukon Ski Team

Competitive Highlights

Colin Abbott is a member of the Yukon Elite Squad, a high performance Nordic ski racing team out of Whitehorse, Yukon. In the past year, Colin was ranked the 14th best distance skier in Canada. Highlights from the past season include teaming up with Knute Johnsgaard to win Bronze in the team sprint at the Canadian Championships, winning the Gatineau Loppet and notching numerous top 5 placing on the Noram Circuit.

3rd U23 competitor at the 2012 Canadian National Championships

9th Canadian in 50km Classic at the 2012 Canadian National Championships
Canadian Junior National Team member 2009/2010

How EPO-Boost and TriFuel work for me (User since May, 2012)

“After using TriFuel in gym workouts, long road bike rides, running and rollerskiing intervals I can confidently say my mental fatigue has been reduced, my endurance has increased and cramping and soreness have decreased.”*
-Colin Abbott, Yukon Elite Squad


*Individual Results May Vary