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Ursula Frans

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Ultra Runner

How EPO-Boost works for me (User since Sept, 2011)

“I am a competitive endurance athlete and was experiencing a challenge with my breathing. I was looking for a supplement that could help me and discovered an amazing product called EPO-BOOST. It said that it could help with your oxygen intake and improve VO2 max capacity. With EPO BOOST I found that my breathing problem disappeared and that I could run faster for longer periods of time. My breathing is regular now due to sufficient oxygen, after almost two weeks of using EPO BOOST. I have already seen an improvement in my endurance and performance. My running times have improved and the product has definitely made me feel that I could continue at the end of the race. My recovery in between speed sessions and races was also quicker. Generally speaking, my speed and endurance was enhanced through this amazing product. I just wish that I had known about EPO-BOOST years ago. I believe with EPO-BOOST that I can reach a much higher performance level.”* Ursula Frans, South Africa

*Individual Results May Vary

Nedenia West

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All-American USA Masters Track and Field

Competitive Highlights

I am a competitive Masters track and field athlete and have been running competitively on the USA Track and Field Masters circuit for the past several years. I plan to compete in several National/International Competitions in 2013.

I have earned All-American status in the 60m, 100m, and 200m sprints in my age division since 2005. I am a World Championship and USATF Masters National Championship in various events including the 60m, 100m, 200m and sprint
Gold Medalist, 200m, W40 USATF Mid-Atlantic Regional Outdoor Championships
Gold Medalist, 400m, W40 USATF Mid-Atlantic Regional Outdoor Championship
Gold Medalist, 100m, W40 USATFNJ Outdoor Championships
Bronze Medalist, 200m, W40 USATFNJ Outdoor Championships
Silver Medalist, 4x200m relay 2012 World Masters Indoor Championship, Jyvaskala Finland
Gold Medalist, 4x100m relay 2012 USATF Masters National Indoor Championships
Silver Medalist, 60m, W40 2012 USATF Masters National Indoor Championships
Bronze Medalist, 200m, W40 2012 USATF Masters National Indoor Championships

2011 USATFNJ Grand Prix Award Winner – W40-44 Sprint Division
Gold Medalist, 4×100, W40 2011 World Masters Outdoor Championships
Gold Medalist, 200m, W40 2011 USATFNJ Championships
Silver Medalist, 100m, W40 2011 USATFNJ
Gold Medalist, 60m, W40 2011 USATFNJ Indoor Championships
Gold Medalist, 200m, W40 2011 USATFNJ Indoor Championships

Silver Medalist, 60m, W40 2010 USATFNJ Masters Indoor Championships
Bronze Medalist, 200m, W40 2010 USATFNJ Masters Indoor Championships
Bronze Medalist, 60m, W40 2009 USATF Masters National Indoor Championships
Bronze Medalist, 200m, W40 2009 USATF Masters National Indoor Championships
All American Status in the 55m, 60m, 100m and 200 meter status
PR’s 55m – 7.4, 100m – 13.2, 200 – 27.3
How EPO-Boost works for me (User since April, 2011)

Dr. Marcus Shute, introduced me to TRIFUEL and EPO-BOOST as a product that could aid in my training development. I am amazed at the difference I feel by utilizing both products. I have never recovered more quickly nor have I felt stronger. Both EPO Boost and TriFuel® have improved my recovery time significantly, which is so important in getting through my rigorous work outs. I have also realized better results in practice and competition. I only wish I were exposed to these products sooner!

Carolina Colona

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XTERRA PRO Triathlete

Competitive Highlights

2013 XTERRA World Championship PRO 18th Place
2013 XTERRA EAST Championship PRO 9th Place
2012 Xterra World Championships 16th Pro 3rd American
2012 Shelby County ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships and XTERRA Southeast Championship 2:46:41
2010 1st in Age Group, 6th Overall XTERRA World Championship November
2009 1st Place overall amateur women’s division XTERRA Winter World Championship at Snowbasin
2008 1st Place overall amateur women’s division XTERRA Winter World Championship at Snowbasin
1st Place Dirty Triathlon in Canyon Lake TX 2007

How EPO-Boost and TriFuel works for me (User since Sept, 2010)

“I am an XTERRA PRO triathlete and use TRIFUEL for training and racing. On occasion I have run out of TRIFUEL during the run and experienced a dramatic loss of energy and even “bonked.” It is important to establish one’s own needs for the product to achieve the desired effects of increased (at least 10%) performance and endurance. This is why I use the products in all of my key training sessions to simulate race day situation. I am convinced that TRIFUEL has helped me consistently achieve PR times that were beyond my expectations. I highly recommend this well designed product for competitive athletes.”*

Note: Carolina won her first Xterra National Championship after using EPO-Boost for only 1 month in her age division, 6th overall. Congrats!*

*Individual Results May Vary

Tanya Houghton

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Competitive Highlights

2014 1st place AG Xterra Southeast Championship, AL.
2014 1st place overall female Xterra Myrtle Beach
2014 2nd AG IRONMAN 70.3 Florida

Professional Certifications:USA Triathlon (USAT) Certified Level 1 coach
USA Cycling (USAC) Certified Level 3 coach
US Track and Field (USATF) Certified Level 1 coach

How EPO-Boost  & TriFuel® works for me (User since August 24, 2010)

UPDATED APRIL 2014- “I started racing triathlons in 2008. As with any new athlete, there is a learning process that goes with learning a new sport, part of this process is your fueling. As the races get longer in distance, this process gets more difficult. I went through a year of bad choices. Things that may have worked for one race, but to only bomb on the next, or that would work in training, but in a race when you are pushing yourself to all extreme….the fueling fails. I experienced everything from stomach and leg cramps to headaches, GI distress to just plain bonking….running out of energy. I started using TriFuel in 2010, 1 month before the biggest race of my life….Ironman World Championships. I took a chance and not only tried 1 product, but 2. I combined the EPO Boost and Trifuel into my training for just about a month before I used it on my race. I placed top 10 in my age group at one of the biggest and most sought after races in the world.

After this experience of racing my best with not one issue on the course…..I never went back to anything else. I continue to see success in my training. I experience tremendous energy bursts toward the end of 100 mile bike training rides and run my fastest splits at the end of my long run training. This doesn’t happen with just any fuel. Trifuel is unique in that it is a pre, during and post workout fuel. It sets you up for a great training/race day, carries you to places you never thought possible, and prepares you for your next workout. There is nothing like this on the market. Today 4 years later, I am not only a double “All American” in 2 disciplines Road and Off Road Triathlons, but I am a USAT, USAC II and USATF certified coach that recommends this product to my athletes with great success. This fuel is part of their training plan….and it works!”*

Tanya Houghton, NC

2013 1st Overall Xterra Charlottesville
2013 1st Overall Blue Ridge Brutal 100 Bike Race
2013 1st Overall White Lake Half Iron
2013 1st Overall White Lake Half Iron
2013 2nd Place Ironman St Croix
2013 2nd Place Xterra Southeast Regional Championship
2013 1st Overall Bandits Challenge Triathlon
2013 1st Overall Xterra Whitewater

2012 1st Overall Xterra Hickory Knob
2012 1st Overall White Lake Half Iron
2012 1st Overall Xterra Tsali
2012 1st Place Ironman Augusta, 2nd Overall AG
2012 Xterra Regional Champion
2012 All American with Honors

2011 7th place in the USAT
2011 2nd Ironman Texas (Age) 5th Overall
2011 1st Ironman Muncie (Age) 5th Overall
2011 2nd overall in the Inside-Out Sports North Carolina Triathlon Series
2010 8th Place Ironman World Championships Kona, Hawaii.
2010 1st Open Masters title for the Inside/Out Sports North Carolina Triathlon Series
2010 3rd Place Ironman World Championship Clearwater FL


*Individual Results May Vary

Mark Swart & Debra Daley

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Mark and Debra are locally known as the Dynamic duo of the endurance community along Florida’s east coast! As a couple they have racked up over 100 podium appearances and 50 wins in the past 4 seasons.

How EPO-Boost works Us

“EPO Boost is one of the best performance enhancing supplements that is available. It has been a staple for me over the past 4 seasons and has helped me to achieve numerous results and accolades. I can say with certainty that EPO Boost has helped me to achieve Ironman “All World Athlete Gold status”, USAT All American status for 4 consecutive years and has helped me to realize goals and dreams as an endurance athlete that I never thought possible. I never race an important event without EPO Boost onboard!”* Mark Swart
I have been using BRL Sports products for 3 years and would not train without them. The new, non caffeinated products are a great addition to their line, as is their new recovery shake, Invigor8…The Caffeinated wild berry TriFuel is great toward the end of a long endurance training run when I need a kick and the lemon lime and berry flavors is a great, all of the training time. I have less soreness and recover better when I use these products, regularly. I recommend all of the BRL products highly.*” Debra Daley

Competitive Highlights

CHALLENGE ATLANTIC CITY 140.6 Triathlon June 2014    Mark Swart 1st AG Division   Debra Daley 2nd AG Division

Since coming on board with BRL Sports Nutrition in early 2011, they Both won the overall “Series Title” at the 2011 Club Med triathlon series , they also won the Masters titles at 2011’ Heartland triathlon and again at the 2012 Huntington’s Olympic triathlon in Miami Florida… in their first year of triathlon racing they both qualified for 70.3 Vegas with podium finishes in Augusta 70.3, then amazingly, 6 weeks after returning from Vegas with top 25 placings, they both punched their ticket to Vegas 70.3 worlds again in 70.3 Miami where Debra won the women’s 40-44 division!!!

Debra is a Yoga instructor and sales rep at Fleet feet sports in Stuart Florida and Mark, who is known as “The Sparrow” is a Physical Therapist at Florida Orthopaedic Specialists in Port St. Lucie FL.

Both are looking forward to an exciting racing season as part of a local team that they are building in Florida known as “Treasure Coast United” . This fast growing TC team is supported by the Tri-Athletica Sports store in Stuart, FL.

*Individual Results May Vary


Andrea Bess

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Brazilian, 4 Times IRONMAN World Championship Finisher and Fitness Trainer

How EPO-Boost works for me

“EPO-boost works like no other booster supplement out there in the market.
I used 1 every 2 hours at Ironman Busselton and it worked really well!
Zero fatigue! Tons of energy! Give a TRI to boost yourself *” December, 2014.

How TriFuel plus EPO-Boost work for Andrea’s preparation and racing IRONMAN World Championship, Kona 2014

“I was using the “magic combo”, TRIFUEL+EPOBOOST, during the 3 months prior to IRONMAN BRAZIL. That was my “A” race to qualify for the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona HI, so I had no room for error!

I had to choose the right coach, the right bike, the right shoes, and of course the right NUTRITION very wisely! and… BANG!!! I GOT IT!!

EPOBOOST just gave me a huge confidence booster prior and DURING my race! And TRIFUEL’s taste is just perfect and it replenishes my body with all it needs. Always on my long training days, I knew that I would be ready for the next session, recovering faster for the next day challenge. I was completely amazed in how I felt post-race as well. Taking TRIFUEL every day after the race made my recovery time simply smoother and way faster than in any other Ironman experiences.

Now, for my next journey to KONA, I have the confidence that I’m in really good hands with my “magic combo” until and on race day! Obrigada! Thank you!  BRL Sports Nutrition*”

Competitive Highlights

– IRONMAN AUSTRALIA – 3rd Age Group and PR (Personal Record) 12/14
– IRONMAN BRAZIL – 05/14 ( 2nd. place) KONA QUALIFIED
– LAVAMAN KEAUHOU TRIATHLON SERIES – 11/13 ( 1st. AG – 7th. Overall)
– JENSON BUTTON TRUST TRIATHLON – UK – 08/2013 ( 8th. Overall )
– 70.3 BERLIN – GERMANY – 07/2013
– 70.3 IRONMAN OCEANSIDE 03/2013 / 5th place ( FASTEST BIKE SPLIT 35-39 )
– HAWAII CYCLING CLUB TIME TRIAL TEAM 17miles – 04/2013 – 1st. Overall ( average 27mph/43kmh)
– 3x KONA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2010/2011/2012 (1st. Hawaii female athlete finisher)
– IRONMAN 70.3 HAWAII ( HONU) 2012 / 3rd. Place + 2011/2010/2009/2008
– IRONMAN 70.3 PHILIPPINES 2012/1st. Place AG/ 8th overall (Las Vegas 70.3 slot for 2013)
– LAVAMAN KEAUHOU 2012 /. 4th overall
– LAVAMAN WAIKOLOA 2012 / 3rd. AG/ top10 overall ( 1.200 participants)
-IRONMAN 70.3 THAILAND 2012/ 2nd.AG / 8th. Overall
-IRONMAN ST. GEORGE 2012 / 5th. Place
-XTERRA PHILIPPINES 21k TRAIL RUN 2012 / 1st. Women Overall (qualified for XTERRA TRAIL RUN CHAMPIONSHIP 12/2012-
-70.3 MANGO RACES SERIES- kona (2012) 1st. Female overall ( 4:45)

About Andrea Bess

Brazil born and raised, now local Kona / Hawaii Triathlete, Triathlon Coach, Personal Trainer, Event Organizer, Community Fundraiser, Fitness Mentor- motivator and Fitness Group Instructor. Fitness Director at Pacific Island Fitness. Despite being a relative newcomer to the sport , Dea’s Triathlon performance continues to excel.

100% Brazilian Dea Bess always brings the ” SASSY ” and FEMININE side to the sport, where she keeps it REAL and keeps it FUN ! As a ” marketing machine ” Dea’s goals it’s to represent the brand and quality of any of her sponsors up to the MAX. with confidence and trust in whatever she’s representing!

“Looking forward to being part of the BRL SPORTS NUTRITION family and enjoy the journey  with you guys!!! Dea

*Individual Results May Vary

Nuta Olaru

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World Class Runner from Boulder, CO.

How BRL Sports supplements works for me (User since February 2013)

“I have been introduced to BRL Sports nutrition over a year ago and I am extremely pleased with my results in 2013′. Last year I had two races, the Boston Marathon (3rd master runner) and the Big Sur International Marathon (1st Place winner overall) in less than two weeks apart. I feel like TriFuel® and BRL Sports supplements had a great impact on my race and recovery in those events. These products keep me focused and strong during my races, as well as in between my races.*” Nuta Olaru

Thank you BRL Sports for making such great and clean supplements.”

Recent Race Events:

2014 Boulder Co. FIVE Miler Champion.
2014 Big Sur Int’l Marathon 2:53:15 1st Place
2014 Boston Marathon – 10th place USA Female- 2nd place Masters 2:37:29
2014 Rock ‘n’ Roll Washington DC Marathon 2:43:01 1st Place
2014 CX National USATF Championships in Boulder, CO. 1st AG
2014 USA Half Marathon Championship Houston 1:15:45 1st AG
2013 Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon 02:58:46 1st Place
2013 Rock ‘n’ Roll Denver Marathon 02:51:45 2nd Place
2013 Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon 2:52:40 1st Place
2013 Big Sur Int’l Marathon 2:50:02 1st Place
2013 BAA Boston Marathon 2:42:57 23rd/3rd Master
2012 Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon 2:52:31 1st
2012 Fort Collins Thanksgiving Day Run (4 Miles) 21:53A 2nd
2012 Rock ‘n’ Roll St. Louis Marathon 2:49:29 1st
2012 Twin Cities Marathon/US Masters Championship 2:36/57 8th/1st
2012 Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll Half-Marathon 1:15:00A 2nd
Nuta’s impressive PR’s – Half-Marathon 1:08:59 and Marathon 2:24:33

*Individual Results May Vary