Josh Estes

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Category 1 Cyclist
Dallas Racing/Park Place Cycling Team
Hometown: Fayetteville, Arkansas
Age: 24
Racing Since: June 2009

Competitive Highlights

2014 Results :
Pro1/2 Tour of New Braunfeuls Road Race 16th
Pro1/2 Cedar Hill Road Race 8th
Pro1/2 Hells Kitchen Road Race 5th
Pro1/2 Eucha Classic Road Race 6th
Cat1/2 Avoca Road Race 2nd
P12 Gary Glickman Texas State Championship Criterium 10th
Cat1/2 Arkansas State Championship Criterium 10th

2013 Results :
Bicycle X-Change Criterium P12 4th
Tour of Kansas City P12 4th
Crosswinds Classic Road Race P12 7th
Salt and Tall Road Race P12 7th
Crawdad Kermesse Circuit P12 7th
Coleman Chevrolet Stage 1 P12 7th
Coleman Chevrolet Overall GC P12 8th

2012 Results :
Crosswinds Classic Road Race P12 6th
Salty and Tall Criterium P12 7th
Salty and Tall Road Race P12 6th
NWA Spring Classic Road Race P12 9th
Dutchtown Classic Criterium P12 9th
Sand Spring’s Criterium P12 7th
State Line Road Race P12 4th
Great Egyptian Road Race P12 4th

2011 Results :
Kansas State Criterium P12 7th
Kansas State Road Race P12 5th
The Eurekan Road Race P12 1st
Har-Ber Meadows Criterium P12 3rd

Why I Choose TriFuel®:
As athletes we have many options when it comes to sports hydration and nutrition. I’ve tried a variety of brands since I started riding in 2009 and I had mixed success. Fortunately, in 2012, I was introduced to TriFuel® by another racer and haven’t looked back since. The first time I used TriFuel® I prehydrated and got the engine going an hour before the event, a Pro-Am criterium in St. Louis, MO. I took another bottle with me during the race. I couldn’t believe how strong yet relaxed I felt throughout the race and moreover after the race I still felt strong-no post race exhaustion.

I really appreciate the quality and consistency of TriFuel®. Its enjoyable flavoring is easy on my stomach, even in 100+ degree heat, which is something I haven’t found in other drinks. Moreover, its formula and ingredients are always BSCG certified for peace of mind.

How V02-Boost and TriFuel® works for me (User since Sept 2011)

I remember the first time I used TriFuel®. I had recently upgraded to Category 2 and was about to race the Pro12 Giro Della Montagna course at a large race called the Gateway Cup in St. Louis, MO.  The race field was stacked with talent and the course, known as “The Hill” was challenging to say the least.  What was shocking was that after the race I felt like I could have done it all over again.  I felt great!

Dustin Beller

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Triathlon, Running, Open Water Swimming, Cycling, Lifeguarding

Competitive Highlights

1st Place Overall Patriot Triathlon-Sprint
5th Place Overall Beaches Fines Arts Series Triathlon Sprint
3rd Place Age Group, 27th Overall Run for the Pies 5k (1500+ competitors)   2nd overall, 1st collegiate Battle of the Bridges
5th Collegiate at both Club Med 2575
5th Collegiate Clermont Draft-Legal Challenge
6th overall in Collegiate Omnium 2012-2013

How BRL Sports supplements works for me (User since January 2013)

“Having been on EPO Boost and TriFuel® for over a month, I feel more energized in my training. I focus better and get more out of my sessions with the TriFuel®. EPO boost helps me recover better in the downtime between hard workouts. With these tools in my arsenal, I’ve been able to handle a demanding race schedule that has sunk me in the past and instead come out with lifetime best results: my first overall win and 5th overall in an incredibly fast race 6 days apart. This stuff works!”*


*Individual Results May Vary

Deo Gracias Asuncion

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Cyclist – South Bay Wheelman  Veledrome Cyclist
2nd place 07/13/2014 – SCNCA Masters Track Championship | TT | Master
3rd place 07/13/2014 – SCNCA Masters Track Championship | PR | Master
1st place 07/12/2014 – SCNCA Masters Track Championship | TP | Master
2nd place 07/12/2014 – SCNCA Masters Track Championship | SR | Master
3rd place 07/12/2014 – SCNCA Masters Track Championship | TSPR | Master
1st place 05/18/2014 – Torrance Criterium | CRIT | Master

Recent Race Events:

I competed in the Asian Games 5 times and was a GOLD medalist at an early age. I also competed in WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 3 times and the Olympics in 1984 representing the Philippines.

How BRL Sports supplements works for me (User since January 2013)
“Right now I am still competing locally in California. I have seen excellent results using EPO BOOST. My energy, endurance and strength all came back. I want to compete for the World Master Championship carrying the American Flag.

Travis Beam

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Mountain Biking, Triathlons, Xterra

Competitive Highlights

Xterra US Standing Southeast 1st Place Travis Beam Men 25-29
Xterra Hickory Knob 1st Place
Xterra TSALI 1st Place
Xterra White 1st Place

How EPO-Boost works for me (User since May, 2012)

“Starting the 2012 season I made several goals to accomplish in my next few years of racing. Doing so, I knew I needed a product to believe in for nutrition and work. After a month of using the EPO Boost and TriFuel® I started seeing a crazy gain in my threshold during training and my speed/endurance picked up to the next level I wanted! I am a firm believer in this product and cannot wait for more gains as I have huge events I must perform at the remainder of the year.”*

*Individual Results May Vary

Joe Barr

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UMCA – Irish 12hr – 1st overall
New UMCA National Record, Malin Head to Mizen Head to Malin Head – New Record – 49hours.
UMCA World Cup -Le Mans 24hr – 14th Overall
UMCA World Cup -NCOM 1000 Texas – 1st overall
2014 RAAM Solo Finisher 2ND Place Cat./11th Overall
2013 Race Across Italy 4th Place
2009 Race Around Ireland, 1st Place 1350 miles, 75,500 feet of climbing 4d 12h 12m (Course Record)
1986 Commonwealth Games Bronze Medalist
1993 – Set north/south crossing record of Ireland record, Malin to Mizen, 19h 3m, 380 miles

“I am very privileged to have the support of a forward thinking company like BRL Sports. The team at BRL unique attention to product formulation and the continued R/D to enhance the functionality on the feedback from the ambassadors who push the limits of demand in each competitive event they participate.  This knowledge is then filtered to everyone who chooses to use TriFuel , EPO-Boost, Invigor8, and AltitudeRx as their choice of nutritional supplementation related to their sport.

I have been an ambassador for BRL Sports since 2012 where I was preparing for my first RAAM, since then I have been top 5 in World Ultra Marathon races which I have competed. I have just completed RAAM and previous to that finished 3rd in a World 12 hour event completely on TriFuel alone, no solid food. I have also increased both my VO2max and Hematocrit levels from a lifetime 43 to 47 with the use of EPO-Boost and AltitudeRX.

I have found the an all around training and competition nutritional solution in TriFuel which we all as sports people strive. TriFuel is easy to use on a long term basis pre and post efforts. In events of long duration which are multiple days like RAAM it never becomes difficult to keep ingesting…, no nasty stomach problems, bloating or discomfort.

The key is to ensure that your intake is adequate per hour of your event based on your personal body mass profile. I measure calorie output per hour based on our event (mph/km ) schedule, including exterior temp, this is then balanced with the correct ml of fluid intake per hour based on the individual body mass profile.

With the new TriFuel electrolyte count, having a personal sweat test to establish your individual sweat type and count per litre of fluid loss will allow you to gain most from the product.

In short the best supplementation package on the planet today. TriFuel, EPO Boost, Invigor8, and AltitudeRX to fuel all of my future events.”*

Joe Barr

*Individual Results May Very

Bob Cummings

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Bob competes in cycling events, On Road and Off Road, all year round. He is a proud member of the road Elite Team Undiscovered/Evoke and he races on gravel/cx with Team American Classic. Bob has placed in the podium in several events this year with both teams and has plans in both cycling disciplines for 2015.

How TRIFUELand EPO-BOOST work for me

“TriFuel never ceases to amaze me. I did this 45 min race on just one bottle and felt great the whole race. I did the 80 min Pro 1/2 race three hours later on two bottles and nothing else. Almost 80 guys started and only around 20 finished. I was there all the way till the end and never faded.*” Bob Cummings, 2014


“I am a BRL sponsored racer and I can say this. I used TriFuel® and EPO Boost before I was sponsored and gladly paid the price for the products. If I were not sponsored I would still be using them. I am a 44 year old Cat 1 cyclist and compete with the top amateurs and pros in this country.

Before I started using these products a became anemic from training at a such a high level. I ate healthy and thought that was enough but found out the hard way that it was not. I have been using the products for nearly 4 years now and my red blood count and hematocrit levels have improved every year. I get a blood test every spring when my training load is the highest to check myself. I appreciate the care that BRL goes through to ensure that I get the extra supplements my body needs through totally safe and non banned substances. There is a difference between legal and banned substances to maintain healthy blood. I am very proud to represent such a fine company!*” Bob Cummings, 2013.

Recent Competitive Highlights

1st Place 100 Gravel Slayer, NC April 2015
1st Place AG Dirty Kanza 200, Emporia KS, May 2014
2nd Place NWA Spring Classic Road Race, Prairie Grove AR, 2013
4th Place HOTTER’N HELL HUNDRED Men’s Pro 1-2 Criterium, 2013
1st Place Wicked Wilson 100 – Wilson KS, 2013




*Individual Results May Vary

Pablo Santa Cruz

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How BRL Sports supplements works for me

“I am very skeptical with nutritional supplements due to the prevalent lack of clean manufacturing practices and banned substance contamination. I am very glad to have researched and tested BRL’s products to my and my performance support team’s satisfaction. With the combination of Epo-Boost and Tri-Fuel, I have noticed a significant increase in recovery from high intensity efforts, especially from race to race during our typical double race weekends. I have also noticed a higher level of energy and alertness compared to my competitors, especially during the last 20 miles of long group rides and races. Particularly, I am very encouraged with breaking through key power and speed thresholds after 6 weeks of using these products.*” Pablo Santa Cruz

Recent Race Events:

Ranked # 1 in the United States (Masters Criterium)
Ranked # 1 in Florida (Masters Criterium)
Ranked # 1 in Florida (Masters Overall)
Florida Criterium Champion (Masters)
Florida Champion of Champions (Masters)
Florida Points Series Champion (Masters)
Florida Crown Champion (Masters)
Florida Cup Champion (Masters)
Florida Points Series Team Champion (Masters)
Florida Crown Team Champion (Masters)
Florida Cup Team Champion (Masters)
Wins, 16%
Top 3, 42%
Top 5, 57%
Top 10, 83%

Derek Harmon

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Cyclist, Mountain Biking

How BRL Sports supplements works for me

“Epo boost has helped keep my blood levels optimization during a long season of Training and racing almost every weekend. The demands of a older Pro. it has proven to be a great asset to my Racing, Training, and Recovery. Also stacked with all BRL’s other products have proven invaluable during the past year.*”

Recent Race Events:

US Cup California state championship series pro Super D champion third year in a row.
US Cup state championship series cross country pro 3rd overall.
Pro XCTT triple Crown 3rd overall.
Over 60 races competing in 2013 alone.


*Individual Results May Vary