Bob Cummings

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Bob competes in cycling events, On Road and Off Road, all year round. He is a proud member of the road Elite Team Undiscovered/Evoke and he races on gravel/cx with Team American Classic. Bob has placed in the podium in several events this year with both teams and has plans in both cycling disciplines for 2015.

How TRIFUELand EPO-BOOST work for me

“TriFuel never ceases to amaze me. I did this 45 min race on just one bottle and felt great the whole race. I did the 80 min Pro 1/2 race three hours later on two bottles and nothing else. Almost 80 guys started and only around 20 finished. I was there all the way till the end and never faded.*” Bob Cummings, 2014


“I am a BRL sponsored racer and I can say this. I used TriFuel® and EPO Boost before I was sponsored and gladly paid the price for the products. If I were not sponsored I would still be using them. I am a 44 year old Cat 1 cyclist and compete with the top amateurs and pros in this country.

Before I started using these products a became anemic from training at a such a high level. I ate healthy and thought that was enough but found out the hard way that it was not. I have been using the products for nearly 4 years now and my red blood count and hematocrit levels have improved every year. I get a blood test every spring when my training load is the highest to check myself. I appreciate the care that BRL goes through to ensure that I get the extra supplements my body needs through totally safe and non banned substances. There is a difference between legal and banned substances to maintain healthy blood. I am very proud to represent such a fine company!*” Bob Cummings, 2013.

Recent Competitive Highlights

1st Place 100 Gravel Slayer, NC April 2015
1st Place AG Dirty Kanza 200, Emporia KS, May 2014
2nd Place NWA Spring Classic Road Race, Prairie Grove AR, 2013
4th Place HOTTER’N HELL HUNDRED Men’s Pro 1-2 Criterium, 2013
1st Place Wicked Wilson 100 – Wilson KS, 2013




*Individual Results May Vary