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Northwestern State University Professor breaks the code and discovers the secret weapon to strength, speed and endurance.

Imagine for a moment discovering a secret within your current cellular structure that could be enhanced so you could run faster, longer and not run out of energy.

Scientists at Northwestern State University discovered a natural way to boost erythropoietin (EPO), thereby enhancing both VO2max (your ability to intake oxygen) and running economy (the rate at which your body uses oxygen) using a performance supplement.

An athlete with a high VO2 max and optimal running economy will be able to move faster and for much longer than a comparable athlete with a lower VO2 max or running economy.

EPO BOOST® combines a clinically shown, patent-pending formula to:

Increase Blood EPO Levels

Dramatically Increase VO2 max

Substantially Improve Endurance

Improved Strength and Performance