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5 Ways to Prepare For Athletic Training Programs

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Preparation for any athletic endeavor should include a good conditioning program. Stretching, strength training, elasticity exercises, endurance training, and nutrition are all components of good conditioning.


All athletes need to prepare themselves physically and mentally. The body needs proper nutrition, the right amount of hydration, and most importantly conditioning. Eating the right foods and creating the right diet consists of eating a balance of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals, even fats. A balance nutritious diet is key for any athlete and has tremendous affects on performance. Some athletes think they can eat anything they want because of the high calories they expend during exercise. This is a misnomer, proper nutrition is very important.

Training Supplements

Just as with training supplements, it is important to choose supplements that have been shown scientifically to improve performance or assist with recovery post-exercise. Many athletes choose to use TriFuel, the 3 in 1 endurance, hydration and recovery drink that has more ingredients than any other performance drink on the market.


Athletes also need the proper of hydration to perform at their best. Not too much and not to little. There is a perfect balance.

Aerobic Conditioning

In order to stimulate an aerobic conditioning effect, research has indicated that you must keep your heart rate at approximately 70 to 85% of the MHR for ten to thirty minutes. Maximum Heart Rate = 220 – Your Age. If you train at a higher level you may experience lactic acid buildup which will cause you to stop and rest. Aerobic conditioning is defined as one’s ability to take in, deliver and use oxygen. Improvement in aerobic conditioning occurs when your body is exposed to a prolonged increase in oxygen uptake and metabolism. One must work at a certain level of effort in order to stimulate the body.

Mental Preparation

Lastly an athlete needs to be mentally prepared. It helps with getting you focused on what you want to accomplish. Though physical training and conditioning are obviously important to performance, mental-skills training can often help athletes improve their performance. It helps with getting you focused on what you want to accomplish. Athletes often use visualization, goal setting, and refocusing to help them mentally prepare for important events.

BRL Sports

BRL Sports market scientifically based nutritional supplements for endurance athletes including supplements for cyclists, runners, triathletes, and mixed martial arts. Visit to learn more about how EPO-Boost can increase VO2 max, running economy and endurance.

Patent pending EPO BOOST is a training supplement with ingredients have been shown scientifically to increase VO2 max and running economy in college athletes.

Mission Summit

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Follow team Mission Summit on the journey that will place them high above the cities of the world. A journey that will take us to far off places, and attempt to climb the 7 Tallest volcanoes of the world!

Mission Summit mission is to help fund the fight against cancer and represent a passion for the outdoors combined with a chance to give back.

Mt Rainier

“We just got back from our latest trip and climb on Mt Rainier in Washington. Again the product leading up to the climb and while on the climb was perfect. We added our newest team member to our rope team JP Tabor, and he has had a real bad run with altitude sickness. we shipped him down product and had him going for 4 weeks with the EPO boost, Altitude RX and the Tri-fuel. He had no elevation problems at all!

On this trip there was loss of life with one of the climbers we were with. His name was Arvin. he and his climbing partner we caught out in a blizzard coming off the summit and he died from hypothermia and frostbite. We were able to save his climbing partner Monique Richard, and another climber named Mike Salk. We used the Invigor8 and the Tri fuel to help aid in their recovery process as we helped them through the struggle through out the day after the rescue. We are happy to report that both survived.

Thank you for everything you all do and we cannot do this without you all! We will be dedicating our next climb in honor of Arvin! Articles are up if you search Mt Rainier about what happened. What we do is very dangerous, and we understand that this will happen. But we as team Mission Summit will continue to climb and push ourselves to climb higher and farther!”*

*Individual Results May Vary

5 Wacky Ways to Spice Up Your Training For Your Next Marathon

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Perhaps you are tired of waking up in the morning popping down your running supplements and going for just a boring old run. Maybe you are looking to spice up your training or get an edge on the competition. Well you are in luck because in this post we will be discussing some fun and exciting ways to spice up your training that likely are not found in a conventional training plan.

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Cyclists Improve your Endurance and Performance with EpoBoost

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1006236_515272451879299_496408291_nHaving people zip past you as you run out of energy at the end of the race can really be a problem. All the training and preparation and effort just to run out of gas.

Aside from the bozo who cuts you off causing a 15-cycle pileup 200 meters from the finish line, there is probably nothing that arouses your ire more than being passed by a half dozen cyclists at the end of the race. It’s a real bummer when you are sucking air so badly that your legs give out, especially when you have been training hard for months on end.

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Michael Coyne

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Expedition Mountaineering

Competitive Highlights

  • Guinness Book World Record Holder for the highest altitude Luge descent. Bolivia
  • First ascent of Mount Hope, Alaska televised nationwide on ABC, a world peace expedition.
  • First person to wakeboard the Amazon River. Brazil-Bolivia.
  • Record holder of the highest altitude ski board descent Mt. Chacaltaya.
  • Wreck dive of the PLM off the coast of Newfoundland in Iceburg Alley near the Titanic. Mapped new passages in a cave system in Newfoundland revealing an underwater river of white water miles below the surface of the Earth.
  • Numerous first rock climbing ascents, naming & documenting the climb for others.
  • After surviving a massive genetic heart failure I have trained each day to raise my ejection fraction from 15 to now 45 & have been running 5K’s each month, I am training for my first triathlon this year & a marathon in Iceland.

 How EPO-Boost works for me

“With EPO Boost I recover faster & have more endurance during my workouts. This past year I had massive genetic heart failure, as a lifelong mountain sport athlete I was devastated. I had to stop all supplements while my body adjusted to the new blood pressure medicine. I never felt worse; I had an ejection fraction of 15 & was told I had 5 years to live by my cardiologist.Then my wife & I spoke about quality of life verses quantity & I realized that I needed to get back in the gym and back in the mountains, doing what I love best regardless of the consequences.

So I retired from my career as a state police officer & became a full time ‘disadvantaged’ athlete. My doctor approved EPO Boost & I began a long road to recovery, which is where I’m still at now, but my ejection fraction is now 45, almost normal & my doctors are not telling me that I’m going to die anymore.

In fact, one test revealed that through training alone my arteries leading up to my heart are that of an 18 year old.

I leave for an expedition to Iceland this August where I will attempt to set the Guinness Book World Record for the fastest face first Luge sled down Iceland’s highest peak. I have been running 5K’s each month & I’m in training for my first triathlon. Thank you EPO Boost for helping me take my life back & make my dreams come true.”*


The 2013 Icelandic Wild Heart Expedition

Press Release-Expedition Outreach, a charitable organization founded in 1995 will be traveling to Iceland in August of 2013 to set the Guinness Book World Record for the fastest ‘Alpine’ face first Luge. Team Leader Michael Coyne who holds the ‘Official’ World record for the highest altitude Luge run in Bolivia will now attempt to be the fastest person on Earth using an ‘Alpine’ Skeleton style sled.

The team is a group of environmentally conscious explorers & athletes who educate people about the World Peace Process & other worthwhile causes by taking the publicity they receive from their ‘extreme’ sporting & mountaineering adventures, expeditions, races & events & focus it on education & awareness.

From broadcasting live from the summit of a previously unclimbed peak in Alaska across the nation on ABC Television to being the first to Wakeboard the Amazon River & Mountain Bike across Bolivia’s ‘Altiplano’, the highest altitude desert in the world. . Team EO captures the attention & imaginations of our audience.

A few years ago Team Leader Michael Coyne had genetic heart failure in the transition zone of a triathlon equivalent to 2 massive heart attacks & had to retire from his career as a Massachusetts State Trooper. “As a lifelong athlete I was devastated”. Michael stated but he is now training full time for Iceland determined to come back stronger than ever: Inspiring all those who have experienced adversity in their lives.

Iceland is only the first of a series of expeditions that will take Team EO across the globe from Thailand/Bhutan, New Zealand to Costa Rica & Africa the team will be filming for a documentary project about facing our fears & understanding the nature of our planet & our own hearts.

*Individual Results May Vary

Milton Santiago

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Milton Santiago is 13-0, with 3 knockouts, and he started his pro career when he was a junior in high school. He has had an amazing career and was the youngest boxer to box professionally in PA.

Competitive Highlights

3 time Pennsylvania Golden Gloves Champion
3 time Ringside World Champion
3 time National Pal Champion.
4 time J.O. State Champion

How EPO-Boost works for me

Hi my name is Milton Santiago JR my dad purchased your product EPO BOOST for me, I have been taking it for almost 3 weeks now. I am an amateur boxer with a record 144-12. Since I been taking EPO BOOST my endurance level has gone up the roof, I went running 2 miles , and I did not jog I sprinted 2 miles ,my dad who is my trainer could not believe it, he said I was running like a deer. I feel a lot stronger; I can do more exercises with out getting tired.

I feel very explosive when I get in the ring; I want to let you know your product EPO BOOST works. My brother Thomas is also taking EPO and he has asthma, and EPO has helped breathe a lot better, he can train a lot harder and not gasp for air.

I have dreams of winning an Olympic gold medal one day.

Note from his dad: I have seen great results in the short time that Milton has been taking EPO BOOST. He trains so hard and doesn’t even breathe heavy, it is amazing how EPO BOOST changed his work ethic, I sparred him with a pro today and he took the pro to school, the pro was gasping for air, and Milton JR it was like nothing, I kept asking him how do you feel and he said great, I just kept putting water over his head, because the gym that we were at was so hot it felt like being in a sauna.

I kept telling him that EPO BOOST is kicking in JR replied “hell yea”.

Thank You EPO BOOST for this great product, and I like how your product is helping my son reach his ultimate GOALS.*” Milton Santiago


Record to date 13 bouts, 57 rounds Won 13 (KO 3) Lost 0 Drawn 0  

Date Opponent W-L-D Location Result

2016-04-16 2014-02-07 Moses Molina 1-4-0 National Guard Armory, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA W KO 1

2015-12-29 Angel Hernandez 9-5-1 Sands Bethlehem Event Center, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA W MD 8

2015-09-15 Alvaro Ortiz 8-3-1 California University of PA, California, Pennsylvania, USA W UD 6

2015-06-20 Jose Miguel Castro 4-4-0 Valley Forge Casino and Resort, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, USA W UD 6

2015-04-18 Ray Velez 3-6-1 Valley Forge Casino and Resort, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, USA W UD 6

2015-02-20 Jose M Valderrama 4-8-0 CONSOL Energy Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA W UD 6

2014-12-05 Travis Thompson 7-11-3 Harrah’s Philadelphia, Chester, Pennsylvania, USA W UD 4

2014-10-04 Arturo Santiago 7-8-1 Foxwoods Resort, Mashantucket, Connecticut, USA W UD 4

2014-06-19 Carlos Lopez 5-3-0 Coliseo Ruben Rodriguez, Bayamon, Puerto Rico W UD 4

2014-05-16 Josh Beeman 5-16-4 2300 Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA W UD 6

2014-04-05 Luis Ortiz Medina 0-1-0 Coliseo Moises Navedo, Vega Baja, Puerto Rico W KO 1

2014-03-14 William Lorenzo 3-14-0 Pa Metal Sheet Workers Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA W UD 4

2014-02-21 Christian Daniels 0-2-0 Dover Downs Hotel & Casino, Dover, Delaware, USA W KO 1


Ursula Frans

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Ultra Runner

How EPO-Boost works for me (User since Sept, 2011)

“I am a competitive endurance athlete and was experiencing a challenge with my breathing. I was looking for a supplement that could help me and discovered an amazing product called EPO-BOOST. It said that it could help with your oxygen intake and improve VO2 max capacity. With EPO BOOST I found that my breathing problem disappeared and that I could run faster for longer periods of time. My breathing is regular now due to sufficient oxygen, after almost two weeks of using EPO BOOST. I have already seen an improvement in my endurance and performance. My running times have improved and the product has definitely made me feel that I could continue at the end of the race. My recovery in between speed sessions and races was also quicker. Generally speaking, my speed and endurance was enhanced through this amazing product. I just wish that I had known about EPO-BOOST years ago. I believe with EPO-BOOST that I can reach a much higher performance level.”* Ursula Frans, South Africa

*Individual Results May Vary

Mike Chupa

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“I purchased this product for my husband. I have to admit I was a skeptic until recently however. He has been using EPO-BOOST for only a month and it shows through his performance and endurance drastically. No placebo effect… the real thing. Im happy he can train and fight to his full potential. He has a fight in April and Im convinced he will do fantastic. We are very hhappy with it.”* Thank-You. Cassandra Chupa

*Individual Results May Vary

Josh Estes

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Category 1 Cyclist
Dallas Racing/Park Place Cycling Team
Hometown: Fayetteville, Arkansas
Age: 24
Racing Since: June 2009

Competitive Highlights

2014 Results :
Pro1/2 Tour of New Braunfeuls Road Race 16th
Pro1/2 Cedar Hill Road Race 8th
Pro1/2 Hells Kitchen Road Race 5th
Pro1/2 Eucha Classic Road Race 6th
Cat1/2 Avoca Road Race 2nd
P12 Gary Glickman Texas State Championship Criterium 10th
Cat1/2 Arkansas State Championship Criterium 10th

2013 Results :
Bicycle X-Change Criterium P12 4th
Tour of Kansas City P12 4th
Crosswinds Classic Road Race P12 7th
Salt and Tall Road Race P12 7th
Crawdad Kermesse Circuit P12 7th
Coleman Chevrolet Stage 1 P12 7th
Coleman Chevrolet Overall GC P12 8th

2012 Results :
Crosswinds Classic Road Race P12 6th
Salty and Tall Criterium P12 7th
Salty and Tall Road Race P12 6th
NWA Spring Classic Road Race P12 9th
Dutchtown Classic Criterium P12 9th
Sand Spring’s Criterium P12 7th
State Line Road Race P12 4th
Great Egyptian Road Race P12 4th

2011 Results :
Kansas State Criterium P12 7th
Kansas State Road Race P12 5th
The Eurekan Road Race P12 1st
Har-Ber Meadows Criterium P12 3rd

Why I Choose TriFuel®:
As athletes we have many options when it comes to sports hydration and nutrition. I’ve tried a variety of brands since I started riding in 2009 and I had mixed success. Fortunately, in 2012, I was introduced to TriFuel® by another racer and haven’t looked back since. The first time I used TriFuel® I prehydrated and got the engine going an hour before the event, a Pro-Am criterium in St. Louis, MO. I took another bottle with me during the race. I couldn’t believe how strong yet relaxed I felt throughout the race and moreover after the race I still felt strong-no post race exhaustion.

I really appreciate the quality and consistency of TriFuel®. Its enjoyable flavoring is easy on my stomach, even in 100+ degree heat, which is something I haven’t found in other drinks. Moreover, its formula and ingredients are always BSCG certified for peace of mind.

How V02-Boost and TriFuel® works for me (User since Sept 2011)

I remember the first time I used TriFuel®. I had recently upgraded to Category 2 and was about to race the Pro12 Giro Della Montagna course at a large race called the Gateway Cup in St. Louis, MO.  The race field was stacked with talent and the course, known as “The Hill” was challenging to say the least.  What was shocking was that after the race I felt like I could have done it all over again.  I felt great!

Robin Allen-Burke

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How EPO-Boost works for me (User since April, 2011)

“TriFuel® rocks!! I have place podium in my last 6 winter races so far this year and I cannot thank you and TriFuel® enough! Bring on St.Croix on May 5th in attempt for that golden Kona slot!!!

I cannot say enough GREAT words about TRIFUEL AND EPO BOOST! 1st and foremost. I have been waiting to give a recap of my training/racing season because its not over yet. This is it so far, St.Croix half iron- 6th age grp, Fairlee trifest olympic-2nd age grp, half marathon in Maine 2nd age grp, Timberman halfiron-11th agegrp stacked field, Lobsterman olympic- sept 14  I have felt very strong after taking a year and a half off from triathlon, actually stronger than ever because of my ace nutrition!! I am already planning a full triathlon season for next year including a full Ironman again  I LOVE TriFuel® and Epo boost and so does my body!!


I am an endurance athlete and have been using TriFuel® and EPO Boost for almost two years and will keep using both products for the length of my training and racing career. I noticed an increase in performance within a month of taking both TriFuel® and EPO Boost. Not only did they help sustain peak performance while training or racing, but also my recovery is fantastic! I am able to train intensly or race within a short amount of time from the previous intense workout without soreness or feeing tied.
I’m a competitive age group athlete always in hopes for a podium finish, since TriFuel® and EPO Boost, I have been placing top 3 in my age group at almost all my races which include trail running, all distance triathlon, marathon running and cycling. Both products are helping e reach my goals as a competitive athlete.
I truly believe in these products. I have recommended them to many other athletes and they too have had increased energy and performance. If you want positive results, I highly recommend adding TriFuel® and EPO Boost to your nutrition regimen.*

Believe in your body and passion for fitness,

Robin Allen Burke
Acidotic Racing Team

*Individual Results May Vary