Brazilian, 4 Times IRONMAN World Championship Finisher and Fitness Trainer

How EPO-Boost works for me

“EPO-boost works like no other booster supplement out there in the market.
I used 1 every 2 hours at Ironman Busselton and it worked really well!
Zero fatigue! Tons of energy! Give a TRI to boost yourself *” December, 2014.

How TriFuel plus EPO-Boost work for Andrea’s preparation and racing IRONMAN World Championship, Kona 2014

“I was using the “magic combo”, TRIFUEL+EPOBOOST, during the 3 months prior to IRONMAN BRAZIL. That was my “A” race to qualify for the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona HI, so I had no room for error!

I had to choose the right coach, the right bike, the right shoes, and of course the right NUTRITION very wisely! and… BANG!!! I GOT IT!!

EPOBOOST just gave me a huge confidence booster prior and DURING my race! And TRIFUEL’s taste is just perfect and it replenishes my body with all it needs. Always on my long training days, I knew that I would be ready for the next session, recovering faster for the next day challenge. I was completely amazed in how I felt post-race as well. Taking TRIFUEL every day after the race made my recovery time simply smoother and way faster than in any other Ironman experiences.

Now, for my next journey to KONA, I have the confidence that I’m in really good hands with my “magic combo” until and on race day! Obrigada! Thank you!  BRL Sports Nutrition*”

Competitive Highlights

– IRONMAN AUSTRALIA – 3rd Age Group and PR (Personal Record) 12/14
– IRONMAN BRAZIL – 05/14 ( 2nd. place) KONA QUALIFIED
– LAVAMAN KEAUHOU TRIATHLON SERIES – 11/13 ( 1st. AG – 7th. Overall)
– JENSON BUTTON TRUST TRIATHLON – UK – 08/2013 ( 8th. Overall )
– 70.3 BERLIN – GERMANY – 07/2013
– 70.3 IRONMAN OCEANSIDE 03/2013 / 5th place ( FASTEST BIKE SPLIT 35-39 )
– HAWAII CYCLING CLUB TIME TRIAL TEAM 17miles – 04/2013 – 1st. Overall ( average 27mph/43kmh)
– 3x KONA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2010/2011/2012 (1st. Hawaii female athlete finisher)
– IRONMAN 70.3 HAWAII ( HONU) 2012 / 3rd. Place + 2011/2010/2009/2008
– IRONMAN 70.3 PHILIPPINES 2012/1st. Place AG/ 8th overall (Las Vegas 70.3 slot for 2013)
– LAVAMAN KEAUHOU 2012 /. 4th overall
– LAVAMAN WAIKOLOA 2012 / 3rd. AG/ top10 overall ( 1.200 participants)
-IRONMAN 70.3 THAILAND 2012/ 2nd.AG / 8th. Overall
-IRONMAN ST. GEORGE 2012 / 5th. Place
-XTERRA PHILIPPINES 21k TRAIL RUN 2012 / 1st. Women Overall (qualified for XTERRA TRAIL RUN CHAMPIONSHIP 12/2012-
-70.3 MANGO RACES SERIES- kona (2012) 1st. Female overall ( 4:45)

About Andrea Bess

Brazil born and raised, now local Kona / Hawaii Triathlete, Triathlon Coach, Personal Trainer, Event Organizer, Community Fundraiser, Fitness Mentor- motivator and Fitness Group Instructor. Fitness Director at Pacific Island Fitness. Despite being a relative newcomer to the sport , Dea’s Triathlon performance continues to excel.

100% Brazilian Dea Bess always brings the ” SASSY ” and FEMININE side to the sport, where she keeps it REAL and keeps it FUN ! As a ” marketing machine ” Dea’s goals it’s to represent the brand and quality of any of her sponsors up to the MAX. with confidence and trust in whatever she’s representing!

“Looking forward to being part of the BRL SPORTS NUTRITION family and enjoy the journey  with you guys!!! Dea

*Individual Results May Vary