5 Ways to Prepare For Athletic Training Programs

By November 2, 2016training tips

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Preparation for any athletic endeavor should include a good conditioning program. Stretching, strength training, elasticity exercises, endurance training, and nutrition are all components of good conditioning.


All athletes need to prepare themselves physically and mentally. The body needs proper nutrition, the right amount of hydration, and most importantly conditioning. Eating the right foods and creating the right diet consists of eating a balance of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals, even fats. A balance nutritious diet is key for any athlete and has tremendous affects on performance. Some athletes think they can eat anything they want because of the high calories they expend during exercise. This is a misnomer, proper nutrition is very important.

Training Supplements

Just as with training supplements, it is important to choose supplements that have been shown scientifically to improve performance or assist with recovery post-exercise. Many athletes choose to use TriFuel, the 3 in 1 endurance, hydration and recovery drink that has more ingredients than any other performance drink on the market.


Athletes also need the proper of hydration to perform at their best. Not too much and not to little. There is a perfect balance.

Aerobic Conditioning

In order to stimulate an aerobic conditioning effect, research has indicated that you must keep your heart rate at approximately 70 to 85% of the MHR for ten to thirty minutes. Maximum Heart Rate = 220 – Your Age. If you train at a higher level you may experience lactic acid buildup which will cause you to stop and rest. Aerobic conditioning is defined as one’s ability to take in, deliver and use oxygen. Improvement in aerobic conditioning occurs when your body is exposed to a prolonged increase in oxygen uptake and metabolism. One must work at a certain level of effort in order to stimulate the body.

Mental Preparation

Lastly an athlete needs to be mentally prepared. It helps with getting you focused on what you want to accomplish. Though physical training and conditioning are obviously important to performance, mental-skills training can often help athletes improve their performance. It helps with getting you focused on what you want to accomplish. Athletes often use visualization, goal setting, and refocusing to help them mentally prepare for important events.

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