Secrets of Elite Cyclists Revealed for the First Time…

New Research Uncovers How Elite Athletes are Gaining the Edge with Athletic Supplements

Tanya HoughtonAfter starting the EPO Boost 2 months ago my training took a leap forward.  My swim times were down, and I felt a difference in my bike and run as well.  I had more energy with less down time and was able to hold a faster pace for a longer period.  My recent 8th place age group finish at Ironman World Championships reflects the significant change in my overall endurance, strength and speed the EPO Boost and EnduraFuel has provided me. Great Strides in life demand great support!” Tanya Houghton, NC

You Can Diet and Train All You Want But Without This Secret, You’ll Still Come Up Short on Race Day

  • The only thing worse than a selfish jerk causing a 15 cycle pileup 200 meters from the finish line is being passed by a half dozen cyclists at the end of the race because you were sucking air so badly that your legs turn to rubber and you end up coasting across the line while other guys power on like they’re Lance Armstrong.
  • I’m willing to bet nobody has ever told you before that you can do everything right and still lose, because you haven’t tapped into the secret that gives the winners an edge over normal cyclists like you.
  • Through no fault of your own, your body is simply not getting enough oxygen nor utilizing the oxygen you breathe in as well as it could. Maximal oxygen intake is known as VO2 max. The higher your VO2 max, the more oxygen you can take in, and the more oxygen your body has, the more energy it can expend.
  • In addition, some cyclists have been gifted with an extremely high oxygen efficiency, meaning they consume less oxygen to generate the same power. The rare cyclist who has a high VO2 max and a high oxygen efficiency is usually the winner.


Fortunately for us normal athletes, scientists at Northwestern State University have uncovered a secret to naturally enhance your erythropoietin (EPO), boosting your body’s red blood cell (RBC) count and resulting in more speed, strength and endurance.

The best part is, unlike synthetic drugs or illegal blood doping, this all-natural supplement is perfectly legal and safe….there are no dangerous side effects to worry about.

EPO BOOST Guarantee 

Introducing EPO-BOOST®, the world’s first all-natural, clinically shown supplement to boost your natural EPO levels

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How does it work?

EPO-Boost® combines clinically shown formulas of vitamins, minerals and herbs with your body’s natural chemistry to:

  • Increase blood EPO level
  • Dramatically increase VO2 max and oxygen delivery
  • Substantially improves endurance
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Build strength

  …in as little as four weeks!

Friends and competitors alike will be staring in open-mouth wonder as you pedal through the finish line like the race was just beginning!

John Hatchitt

I have noticed that since I started taking EPO-BOOST® that I have been able to push a bigger gear for longer durations. Combining EPO-BOOST with EnduraFuel has been a great combination. I take EPO-BOOST daily and use EnduraFuel on race and intensive training days. You get a boost of energy that lasts for the duration of the ride with no sudden fall off. These products are amazing.   John Hatchitt Spy Masters Elite Cycling Team


Imagine a performance supplement so powerful that without changing your diet or exercise regimen you are finishing races faster, dominating the competition on a regular basis and feeling like you have energy left over after the race.

There is a catch though… EPO-Boost® is not a replacement for your training regimen. It won’t replace training and hard work, but it will make every moment you spend training more productive.

  • I want to warn you…not everyone is ready for the sudden success that comes along with performance improvements, and not only will some competitors resent you, others will even suspect you are relying on illicit techniques. Just ask Olympic swimmers Jenny Thompson and Dara Torres, two champions who are using supplements to boost their EPO levels. Winning comes at a price…and it’s not for everyone.


Let me assure you that not only is EPO-Boost® all natural and clinically shown (in more than 5,575 studies), every component in the patent-pending formula is legal in all sports. More importantly, there are no side effects of using EPO-BOOST®.

And, it’s priced ridiculously low…less than a cup of coffee a day but more valuable than a years at the gym! You could spend a fortune on experimental treatments and a lifetime on the bike and not achieve this level of performance!

Try EPO-BOOST risk free now for your next race.

Boost your endurance with EPO-BOOST®, a powerful cycling supplement and you’ll run faster and farther, we guarantee it!

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**EPO-Boost® does not contain Epogen®, Erythropoietin, EPO or any banned substances by WADA 2013 list