Scientists Discover an Unfair Advantage…

“How the Top MMA athletes are Cheating Nature to Develop Greater Strength, Speed and Endurance and Dominate the Competition”

A little known study from Northwestern State University revealed why some athletes power on withunstoppable strength and endurance while normalguys are left completely spent.

It turns out that the levels oferythropoietin (EPO) in your body control the production of red blood cells (RBC). A higher RBC count booststhe oxygen in your system, which allows your muscles to work harder, faster and longer, giving you a superior-but natural-boost.


Committed athletes and physicians have long understood the relationship between EPO and performance and have sought to get an advantage through illegal drugs, blood doping and synthetic EPO. However, all of these strategies are not only damaging to your body but carry the risk of sanctions, suspension and even criminal


It wasn’t until recently that Dr. Whitehead at the Department of Health and Human Performance at Northwestern State University discovered that EPO levels could be increased safely and naturally with a revolutionary herb.

Introducing EPO-BOOST®, a Scientifically Proven All Natural Performance Enhancer That Works In As Little As Four Weeks!

EPO-Boost® combines clinically proven formulas of vitamins, minerals and herbs with your
body’s natural chemistry to:

  • Increase blood EPO levels
  • Dramatically increase VO2 max and oxygen delivery
  • Substantially improve in endurance
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Build strength

…in as little as four weeks

“I purchased this product for my husband. I
have to admit I was a skeptic until recently however. He has been using for only a month, and it shows
through his performance and endurance drastically. No placebo effect, the real thing. I’m happy that he
can train and fight to his full potential. He has a fight in April and I’m convinced he will do
fantastic. Very happy with it. Thank You

Cassandra Chupa, El Paso, TX

No, this isn’t a one-day wonder pill that’s going to turn you into Silva or St. Pierre overnight, but it will give you freakish strength and endurance in a matter of weeks.

Imagine a performance supplement so powerful that without changing your diet or exercise regimen
you are dominating other fighters on a regular basis and feeling like you have energy left over after the

I want to warn you though…not everyone is ready for the sudden success that comes along with
mutant-like performance improvements, and not only will some fighters resent you, others will even suspect you are
relying on illicit techniques.

With your new victories will undoubtedly come a lot of suspicion and resentment…so be

Let me assure you that not only is EPO BOOST
all natural and clinically proven (in more than 5,000 studies), every component in the patent-pending formula is
legal in all sports. More importantly, there are no side effects of using EPO -BOOST.

You could spend a lifetime in the gym and working with expensive personal coaches and never reach the performance
level you can simply by joining other MMA athletes and taking EPO BOOST. You’ll experience a level of domination
that you can’t buy…at any price.

EPO BOOST Guarantee

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*EPO-BoostTM does not contain Epogen®, Erythropoietin, EPO or any banned substances by WADA 2012 list